The Hype – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

brooklyn-black-chocolate-stout-imageThis is one of my favorite seasonal releases.  We usually buy enough to last us well through the winter as the beer ages very well.

Russia’s not high on my list of favorite counties, but thanks to Catherine the Great we all now enjoy the famous Russian Imperial Stout.  Originally brewed strong and hoppy to withstand the sea voyage from England, the Russian Imperial Stout is now a cult favorite in the American craft beer scene.  Taking inspiration from the original English brewers, American craft brewers created there own unique twists on the popular style including barrel aging.  Come to think of it, the original was probably barrel aged, though not likely whiskey barrel aged.

Speaking of Russian Imperial Stouts, we just received 6 bottles per store of North Coast Old Rasputin Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout.  Get them both while you can…going fast!