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Yes. All stores have 12-16 growler faucets to sell fresh draft beer. We will fill any standard 32oz, 64oz, or 2ltr growler.

There are:

  • 165 12oz. beers in a 1/2 keg
  • 140 12oz. beers in a 50L keg
  • 82 12oz. beers in a 1/4 keg
  • 55 12oz. beers in a 1/6 keg

There is a $30 deposit on all kegs, regardless of size. 

All Minogue’s Beverage Centers carry a standard picnic pump tap. There is a $30 deposit on taps, and a free 3 day rental. After 3 days, the rental fee is $1 per day.

Minogue’s Beverage Centers carry many popular brands in stock at all times.  These include Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light, Pabst, Molson Canadian, Rolling Rock, Miller High Life, Busch, Busch Light, and Keystone Light.

We also carry a number of Craft Beer 1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 kegs in stock.  The selection of these Craft Beers varies from week to week.  An updated list can be found by going to the “Kegs” section of our website, followed by a selection of a store and then scrolling down to the “On Deck” section.

We suggest calling your store of preference for a selection.  If we do not have your keg in stock, we recommend 7-14 business days notice for us to special order a keg for you.

Use our Party Calculator to determine the amount of beer you may need, give or take a few.

Micromatic has a great section on their website for determining the type of tap needed for different styles of beer.

A cold plate system is a cooler that contains a stainless steel plate with a very small stainless steel line running throughout. The beer travels through this line and cools very rapidly.  You must still surround your keg with ice to keep it cool.  The colder the keg the better the beer will pour.  The stainless steel plate must also be covered with ice.


A cold plate system allows you to draw beer from a faucet, similar to those at a bar.  Cold plate systems are typically used at larger gatherings like a New Year’s Party or Wedding.

There is a $300 deposit on the cold plate, a $200 deposit on the CO2 tank, and a $10 3 day rental fee.  Single faucet and dual faucet cold plate systems are available.

Yes. We currently deliver to businesses in Saratoga Springs. Our normal delivery day is Thursday.

We deliver to weddings and other events depending on location and date.  The minimum order is $500 for a non-Thursday and/or non-Saratoga Springs delivery.  The delivery fee is calculated based on the location.