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Beer Sale

August 3rd – September 6th


stony creek logo

Stony Creek LaGarza 12pk $17.99, Big Cranky 4pk $11.99, Ruffled Feather 4pk $13.99 Stony Joe and Cranky 6pks $9.99 plus get a pint glass for a penny with any Stony Creek purchase!


Half Full Bright 6pk $9.99, Reach 6pk $10.99, Bee Enlightened 6pk $11.99 and 12pk variety $18.99

Ithaca Beer Image

Ithaca Flower Power 12pks $19.99 and Brew York 6pk $10.99

Ballast Point Image

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and Original Sculpin 6pk cans and bottles $10.99

Shmaltz Image

Shmaltz 12pk Variety Bottles $9.99 and Star Trek series 4pks $3.99 6/ $19.99


New Belgium 12 pack Tangerine Citradelic Cans, Fat Tire belgian White Bottle and Variety Bottle $9.99

Narragansett Image

Narragansett 16oz 6pks $5.99 2/ $10 PLUS buy a 6pk get a coozie for a penny, buy a case of 6pks get a teeshirt for a penny, while supplies last!


bud lt1Bud

Budweiser and Bud Light 18 packs $13.99

Coors Banquet Coors Light Image Miller Lite Image 2

Coors Banquet, Coors Light and Miller Lite 36 packs $20.95 each


Sam Adams 12pks $15.99


Amstel, Heineken and Heineken Light 12pks $13.99 24pks $27.95

Corona LightCorona

Corona, Corona Light and all Modello 12pks $14.99 24PKS -$27.95


Genesee ImageKeystone Light Image hamms

Genesee, Hamms, Keystone and Milwaukee’s Best 16oz 6pks $3.99 each 2 for $7.00


Labatts, Labatts Light, Labatts Grapefruit, Labatts Lime and Molson 16oz 6pks $5.99 or 2 for $10

labatts ice busch16ozcan buschlightcanmhl16ozpbr16oz

Labatts Ice, Pabst, Busch, Busch Light and Miller High Life 16oz 6pks $4.99 2 for $9


bud, bud lt 8pk

Budweiser and Bud Light 8pk 16oz cans $7.99 2/ $13

Coors Light and Miller Lite 12pk 16oz cans $10.99 2/ $19.99

Moosehead_Pale 15pk

Moosehead 15pk Pale Ale $11.99

truly berry 12pk truly lime 12pk truly var 12pk

Truly 12pks $4.99 with mail in rebate!

smirnoff seltz 12pk   spiked seltzer 12pk

Spiked Seltzer, Smirnoff and Henrys 12pks $14.99

white claw 12pk

White Claw 12pks $14.99

spiked seltz 24pk

Spiked Seltzer 24pks $25.95

Magic Hat ImageLong Trail ImageSierra Nevada ImageHarpoon

Magic Hat, Sierra Nevada and Long Trail  12PKS – $15.99

gooseisland8-16Southern Tier ImageSaranac-logo1BluemoonLeinenkugel's Image

Saranac, Leinenkugels, Blue Moon, Southern Tier and Goose Island 12PKs $14.99



Keystone Light ImageBusch Light Image Miller High Life ImagePabst

Miller High Life, Pabst, all Busch and Keystone 30psk – $16.99


Genesee Image

Genesee 30PKS – $15.99


Twisted Tea Image

Twisted Tea 12PKS $13.99

Saratoga Water Image

Saratoga Water 12/28oz and 24/12oz Blue Bottles $19.95 per case


5 for $4 1 Ltrs

Cokeminute maid 12pk canada dry 12pk fresca 12pk

Coke 12pk cans 2 for $10

mt dew logo schweppes logo dr pepper logo

Pepsi 16oz 6pks 2 for $6, 12pks $5.99 each


Poland Spring Water Image

Poland Springs 24pk 16.9oz 2 for $11

Nirvana Water

Nirvana Water 16.9oz 24pk and 8oz 24pk 2 for $8

aquafina 32pk

Aquafina 32pk 16.9oz $5.99 each